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Attention Authors: How Books Move Up to the Top of to-be-Read Mile-High Piles

Obviously, as might be noted by my sparse blogging, I haven’t yet gotten back to reading. That’s due to not being able to help myself. I couldn’t put my memoir of my writing journey down. I’ve got to get this 'work' just right!!!

At any rate, it hasn’t stopped me from buying EVEN MORE books! I, however, did take a little break to get my reading list just right. With now over 60 books on my to-be-read mile-high pile, I diligently went through each…that being opening the book to examine the first page…so that when I do get back to reading, I know just what books to open first.

Out of 60 books, 20 moved to the top of the pile. Here’s how and why…

Small books containing few pages are a given. Nothing spells this is gonna be a one-track relaxing read like opening books with fewer than 100 pages. On my list are two: The Piano Lesson by August Wilson and Nikki Giovanni’s Blues: For all the Changes.

Another way books bogart its way to the top is when accidents like this happen. One b…

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