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Is Motherhood Misunderstood?

Honestly, I do get a little miffed when hearing complaints about motherhood. It’s the same miffed I get when hearing employees who work in customer service complain about customers. I mean, I wouldn’t complain about headaches associated with driving big rigs across the country because I wouldn’t take on a career, or job I wasn’t passionate about.

And I know. I know. Not everyone has the perspicacity to know where their ultimate passions loll. It’s not easy trying to reconcile passions, with eking out a means of survival… without complaints… otherwise defined as existing in relative comfort. You’ve got to really be in tune with yourself to beat the outside noise and move in the direction of what keeps your harmony equalized.

As it would be, motherhood is not a vocation we can stick our toe in to test the water. Stick one toe in, even if it’s a pinky toe, and produce so much as one child; desire or no desire, or passion or no passion… that mother…like it or not… is getting immersed in …

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